1. Who does Margin Call Serve?

    We are a limited liability company incorporated in Uganda, licensed to provide financial and service solutions to local and internationally based clients.

  2. What products does Margin Call provide?

    Margin Call provides a range of products tailored to individual needs of our clients. Our more popular products are financial assistance via short term loans and our service provision also known as “Service on Wings” product.

  3. Do I need to be located in Uganda to use these services?

    No, you may utilize Margin Call services regardless of where you are based or located in the world.

  4. Are there ways to track my transaction? (How do I verify that the transaction has been successful?)

    Yes, our process in transparent and our products include built in tracking capabilities to ensure that you (the client) and we (Margin Call) can follow each transaction start to finish.

  5. How much time does it take to complete a contracted job or assignment?

    We strive to be as efficient as possible, however timelines will depend on the following;
    a. Complexity of client’s request.
    b. How quickly we get clear instructions with the necessary information for us to act on.
    c. Travel distances involved since we are based in Kampala, Uganda.
    d. Availability of your contact person, where applicable.
    e. Appointment scheduling in cases where we have to work with several offices to handle your request.

    Considerations above and those not listed or perhaps unforeseen will be communicated to the client upon contacting us.

  6. Does Margin Call have the ability to offer services on a regular basis e.g. every month, quarterly bi-annually?

    Yes, Margin Call will accommodate each client and provide contracted services as instructed or desired by our clients for the agreed upon duration.

  7. Do I need to open an account with Margin Call Limited to access your services?

    Yes, Margin Call requires all clients to establish active accounts with the company prior to rendering of any services. This is a necessary measure to enable tracking of processes and transactions. Instructions on what to do will be provided upon inquiry.

  8. Do I physically have to come to your offices to initiate a transaction?

    Not necessarily. We recognize that some of our clients are internationally based, therefore we will utilize state of the art technologies were possible and/or agents were we have them.

  9. Is Margin Call limited to offering only the service that are listed on its website?

    At the moment we have expertise and licensed to offer the services listed, however we are open to undertaking different or unlisted services if they fall within our mandate.