School/Tuition Fees

Many a time, one is requested to support or has school fees obligations for a loved one.. It is not uncommon to find that school fees amounts are inflated, or that the monies do not get paid even though the funds were sent. This is how we can assist you;

a)    Contact us and explain your particular challenge(s);
b)    Advise & confirm the amount to be paid;
c)    Provide school name and related information especially institution’s bank account were fees should be paid;
d)    Deposit the school fees amount plus the company service charge to Margin Call’s designated bank account or money agent (Western Union or MoneyGram);
e)    Once we confirm the receipt of deposit, we will make the payment as per your instructions;
f)    We shall also deliver the original bank stamped pay slip to the recipient institution if you so wish;
g)    Upon making payment, we will provide you a copy of the bank stamped pay slip and institution issued receipt confirming payment.