School Visitation(s)

Ensure your child enjoys their School Visitation(s):

This has been a big challenge for many hard working parents/guardians living abroad. Some children in boarding schools have not had anyone visit them on their school’s official visitation day nor do they receive any or all the “grab” and “pocket money” you send through your proxy as you instruct. This is how we can assist you;

a)    Contact us and explain your particular challenge(s);
b)    Provide us with all the relevant information e.g. visitation date, School and name of the child;
c)    Provide guidance regarding items to purchase and/or pocket money to remit to your child(ren);
d)    Issue a letter of introduction to appropriate school authorities to allow us access your child(ren) and represent you accordingly;
e)    Deposit the amount to be spent plus the company’s service charge to Margin Call’s designated bank account
or money agent (Western Union or MoneyGram)
f)    We are happy to represent you on all school visitations should you decide to entrust us with that responsibility.

i.   We require that you inform the child(ren) and persons responsible for them in Uganda about our company and your intentions before we meet with them. Where possible, we encourage your child’s guardian to accompany us on these such visits.
ii.  Visitations will only be made on the official visiting days of the school. Should we fail to make it on
the day we shall endeavour to make the delivery within the following week.
iii. Exceptions/emergency visits can be made on special arrangements with the contracted client.
iv.  Only items as specified by the contracted client will be delivered to the child.
v.   For the health of the child, only packaged/sealed items will be delivered. We shall not carry cooked or related food stuffs not purchased by our company representatives.