Family/Dependents Up-keep

We can deliver your financial support to a dependent for use towards their various needs. For example, pay rent/ utility bills, shop for groceries or any other household necessities. This is how we can assist you;

a)    Contact us and tell us your need as well as the challenge(s).
b)    If, for example, it is a matter related with with “rent payment” then

  1. Provide us the full names (& contacts) of the intended recipient or landlord, your preferred mode of payment. In such a case we encourage and prefer for the recipient to have a bank account into which the funds are deposited on your behalf;
  2. Advise & confirm the total amount owed or outstanding, and payment deadline;
  3. Inform the intended recipient of our relationship with you and issue a letter of introduction in our favor;
  4. Deposit the rent amount plus our service fee to Margin Call’s designated account or money agent (Western Union or MoneyGram);
  5. We will make the payment and acquire an acknowledgement of receipt on your behalf;
  6. We will communicate transaction details and receive acknowledgement(s) in accordance with your instructions.

If preferred, we can arrange to provide this service on a regular basis and also customise the transaction to suit your requirements