Most projects undertake progress through several stages from start to completion. The ability to confirm satisfactory completion of each stage before investing more money into the project is critical. For example construction of a house or commercial properties, verification of the arrival of shipped goods at their intended destination, property purchase e.g. land especially if you have been told that the land you want to purchase has a view of the lake or is 1 km off the highway. Other validation needs include stock count of your livestock, poultry, plantation yields at harvest, etc. This is how Margin Call can assist you;

a)   Contact us and explain your particular challenge(s);
b)   Provide us the details of the project and what in particular you would like us to validate/confirm to you.
c)   We will suggest, discuss and agree on the required evidence of the validation and embark on the task.

i.   We can only validate something in existence.
ii.  This service is not meant to verify the authenticity of ownership or documents in your possession. We can only confirm status or the stage of a particular project.

We believe this service will eliminate the challenge of over spending or paying for each stage more than once and create an environment of honesty with your monetary resources.